Booking Systems and Appointment Scheduling

Our ecommerce enabled booking systems make it a breeze to enable customers to book their own services, rooms, tours, and book other hire items.

You can accept the booking without payment, or take a deposit, or require payment in full. 

You can manage the return of hire items, completion of services or checkout of visitors via our bookings management system. 

You can accept any final payment for bookings that have not been fully paid for. 

We monitor and handle all typical public holidays, and allow for ad hoc staff holidays, and office holidays. 

All staff/room/hire item calendars can be managed in Google Calendar also (or on any android / apple device connected to a google calendar)

  • It is easy to manage items for hire
  • It is easy to take bookings for services from customers. This feature might be used by physios, dentists, massage therapists, or tour operators running regular service times.
  • It is easy to manage accommodation bookings. Suitable for single holiday homes or multiple room motels and hotels.
  • Our events booking widget makes it easy for customers to book group events, with limited numbers of seats. This might be a tour group, a concert, a dance, tennis coaching, or anything you need to manage the bookings of multiple people at nominated times. It is easy to auto repeat bookings, so that you can take bookings for weekly or monthly events, without continuous management.

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