Voucher management is easy with our shopping cart. 

Use TreatMe or GrabOne or a multitude of coupon services to promote your offer. Our system can cope with thousands of unique vouchers

Every voucher has the following caracteristics

  • Nominal Value, eg $50
  • Voucher Number; 
  • Expiry Date: 
  • Issued To: (optional)
  • Redeemed by Order ID (set on redemption)

Each voucher can only be used once. Refer to our discounts and promotional codes area for running broad discount campaigns based on a promotional code.  

Vouchers can be sold online, and automatically added to the voucher management area for immediate reuse. 

You can sell vouchers at a different cost that it's face value, which is a great way to run your own coupon/voucher site.

Multiple vouchers can be used during a purchase, eg a $50 + $20 + $10 voucher can be used for a $80 purchase. Customer can top up using any payment method for the difference. If the vouchers are valued higher than the total purchase price then the merchant at their discretion can reissue a new voucher for the difference, this is not automatic. 

Large lists of vouchers can be maintained easily. You can import voucher lists via CSV / Excel file. 

Vouchers have unique bar codes and can be used in shops or cafes or at point of sale.