Order Fulfilment

Order fulfilment is the process that happens after an order is placed. Our awesome eCommerce platform provides everything you need to complete the order fulfilment steps. 

Standard Order Fulfilment Steps

  1. Prior to an order being submitted, stock levels are checked.
  2. Initially when an order is placed, an email is sent to the merchant.
  3. The stock levels of any items purchased are then decreased.
  4. When an order is placed, it goes into a pending queue awaiting payment.
    • Orders paid by credit card are usually updated shortly after with paid status, and banking transaction reference numbers. 
    • Orders paid by online banking or cheque may not be updated until the next business day. 
    • Orders that are not paid, can optionally be cancelled (either manually or automatically)
  5. Once an order is paid, you can then choose to send a receipt to the customer. 
  6. You can then print a delivery docket, and use this to pick the goods from your warehouse. We also have a useful automated picking list, where you can scan barcodes until you have picked the desired quantities. 
  7. If you are using an integrated courier, you can login to their platform, review your orders list, print the label, and initiate the courier process. 
  8. Most integrated courier companies will automatically update the order in our system with the track and trace details, and initiate sending a notification as an option (depending on which courier company who may have their own notification system)
  9. With any courier option, you can manually enter a courier track and trace number, and then send a delivery notification email to the customer, so they know to expect their delivery, and how to track the shipment. 
  10. The order is now marked as shipped. 

Advanced Order Fulfilment 

  • Ship partial orders
  • Split order lines, where partial quantity can be delivered. 
  • Shipping status recorded against individual items
  • Send customer notication for collection, if they have chosen click and collect. (pickup)
  • If you are integrated with our 50+ APIs, your order may also be posted to the Accounting / Inventory / POS system 

Stock Tracking

  • Stock is locked when ordered, it is replenished if cancelled.
  • Stock screens will indicate if any incomplete orders are in the queue, so that you can reconcile with the quantity on the shelf.
  • Partial order shipping available

View / Manage Orders

  • You can quickly search for old orders, via month, order number, customer name, or search history via the customer database. 
  • Orders can be filted by status, or payment type.
  • Pickup incomplete open orders when customers call you, and complete the order for the customer over the phone, or simply make adjustments to their order.
  • Quickly update multiple orders, eg reconcile online banking orders as paid, or mark multiple items as shipped.
  • Add notes to an order
  • Repeat orders

Print Orders / Dockets / Email Notifications

  • Print orders, invoices, receipts, dockets etc on any standard printer
  • Thermal print / narrow printer - Reduced format option 
  • Download PDFs
  • Email notifications to customers
  • Bulk order print option available

Verify Address / Edit Address

  • You can verify an address prior to sending
  • Edit the address details if required
  • Change the customer account if required

Returns / Exchanges / Credits / Surcharges

  • If your customer wishes to return or exchange items, you can manage this in the view order screen.
  • Identify items returned. Identify items exchanged.
  • Issue an optional credit
  • Issue an optional surcharge (for additional labour, or a change of shipping method)


This simple easy to use order fulfilment system is included free of charge along with our awesome shopping cart.

You can manage order fulfilment from the same login as your shopping pages and website.