Setup Hosting Elsewhere

Thank you for enquiring about hosting your website elsewhere. Please use the form at the bottom of this page to request your DNS changes. 

Regarding Pointing Your Domain At An Alternative Web Host

Yes you can point your domain at an alternative web host. Please login to our CMS, click on domains, and enter your DNS details. It can take 48 hours for your DNS changes to update. Note that our DNS service costs $35+gst per year. You can instead transfer your domain to your new provider for free, if so, please ask us for your Authorisation Code or UDAI. 

If you require any support related to custom DNS settings, then a support fee of $30 will apply for an advanced technical consultant to review your DNS configuration. The fee will be applied to your account, and you can pay it at the end of the month. DNS can be complicated for many users, and it helps to have an experienced person do it for you. You may alternatively like to get your new web designer to make the changes for you by providing them your login to our CMS.  

Email Services End

If you point your domain at another web host, you will no longer have an email service with us. We would like to continue to provide you with an email service. We provide an "email only" hosting plan for $7 per month. That plan includes unlimited email forwarding, plus 1 mailbox. Additional mailboxes cost $5 per month each. Sorry email is not a free service. 

If your new provider provides you with new authoriative DNS servers, then this will prevent us from providing an email service. But your new provider may be able to provide an email service. 

About Our Backups. 

We will provide backups of your website and data for a few months. This makes it easy for us to reinstate your old website if your new website does not work out for you. Permanent backups are provided with the $7 a month email plan. You are welcome to download your order data, customer data etc in a CSV format, and/or download all your website files via FTP. If you require support for backups, we can provide all of this data for you in a zip for a fee of $100. 

Regarding Hosting Website Builder Websites Elsewhere

Sorry you cannot host a website built with website builder elsewhere. Our hosting system provides a powerful content management system and enhanced features like shopping carts, and those features may only be hosted on our server. 

Hosting PHP / Wordpress Websites

No we don't host wordpress nor PHP website.

It's Best To Transfer Your Domain To Your New Provider

If your new web host provides you a CNAME or A-RECORD, please instead ask them to supply a full DNS solution for you. eg Please either request a UDAI for domain transfer, or provide us authoriative namesevers, eg ns1, ns2. It is best if your web hosting, email, DNS and domain renewals are handled by the same company. It's probably cheaper for you that way also. Please don't complicate matters for yourself by asking a losing web host to technically support your new web host. Your new web host should technically support you through the transition.