Freight calculator

Freight can be calculated in many different ways. 

Integrated Freight Pricing and Dispatch

Direct integration with Fastway ensures your customers get the best price on freight, without needing to manage a freight pricing matrix. It also makes printing of courier labels quick and easy, and speeds up the sending of delivery notifications, where you don't have to copy and paste any addresses, nor courier tracking numbers. 

Freight Pricing Matrix

Enter weight and volume sizes for all your products, then calculate pricing across common/custom weight ranges. 

Use a base fee, minimum fee or per unit fee to capture the basic "handling costs" of an order. 

Mix and match fees to create complex freight and handling fee calculations.  

Provide free freight when total value of order is over X.

Enter multiple freight matrix per user selectable destinations or methods of delivery. Customers select the freight destination/method that best suits their needs.

Freight destinations can be locked to a specific country or currency, and also determine GST/VAT/Sales tax rules.  

System remembers customer addresses without customer logging in, for user friendly customer experience.