About NZ's Best Website Builder

Our business has been in the web development business since 2000, and is based in Grey Lynn, Auckland.

About Website Builder

With our flagship product, "Website Builder," we have helped build thousands of websites both here in NZ and internationally.

The success of Website Builder is due to the complete integration of all our services into a single cohesive product. By merging customer databases with shopping carts, email campaigns, password protected areas, digital file delivery, paid memberships, and more, customers will experience a seemless experience through your sales process. 

We have further enhanced our system to include integrated point of sale (POS) and inventory management, so that you can manage all your back office store management needs and reduce complexity of syncing multiple systems. Dealing with inventory and vouchers can be very hard when your POS and shopping cart are not linked tightly. 

In addition, our website builder service has evolved over the years to be both very customisable, while super easy to use. 

Independent Web Designers and Resellers

We have over 50 independent web designers and resellers across New Zealand who can help you design and manage your website. Web Widgets Ltd manages the billing and hosting for many of these web design businesses. So you can feel safe working with any of them, as you are backed up by our head office.  

Kiwi Ingenuity Since 2000

Our CEO Reuben started developing our CMS software in house back in 2000, and he hasn't stopped updating it, with a team of developers over the years, the system has been continuously developed into the awesome product it is today.  The benefit of this is we can customise our software to the changing needs of NZ customers.

Sustaintability, Charity and Ethics

We believe in sustainable business objectives. We believe in a living wage. Looking for the cheapest international hosting service, only ends up in a poor quality service with poor quality support. Our team earn a living wage. 

We value that staff should have flexible working conditions to balance their life commitments, and we utilise a support roster meaning that not all stage are available all hours. 

We donate regularly to various charities. 

We do not permit gambling, pyramid marketing schemes nor any illegal content on their servers. The content on our servers are bound by NZ law, Australian Law and some International Laws.