Sell Products Online - Product Pricing

Sell products online easily using our free shopping cart provided with our free website builder. It's easy to add your products and fine tune your product pricing in various ways. 

Discount Prices

Add catalogue wide or category wide discounts, with start and end dates, to make pricing management and promotion easier. 

Sale Prices

Show a RRP (or pre sale ) price in addition to the checkout price. 

Revert pricing back to RRP once a date has passed. 

8 Member Price Tiers 

8 special price groups for members who login. Member pricing can be unique per product.

You can optionally display all products to all users, but only allow members to see pricing and purchase. Or display pricing to all, but only allow members to buy... Or allow guests to purchase. you choose. 

VIP Pricing

VIP pricing is a technique to encourage customers to subscribe or register to access discounted pricing. Prices are loaded as "Price Tier A" and a setup option will automatically assign all registered (opt in) customers from retail to price group A. Thus when they login, then get the better pricing.

Unlimited Unique Prices Per Individual Members

If 8 price tiers is not sufficient for your needs, then we offer unlimited unique prices per member per product. This requires a little more effort to setup, and you can use this just to target a few key products for special customers, and fall back on price tiers otherwise.

Customer Discount Rates

Each customer can be assigned a global discount rate, so that all products are automatically discounted by 10% or 15% or whatever percentage you choose. The percentage rate can be set individually per customer.

Quantity Price Breaks

Quantity price breaks for purchases of multiple items, eg buy 1 for $10, 2+ for $9 each or 5+ for $8 each.

Limit purchases to minimum quantities relevant to cartons, eg minimum purchase 12, and purchases in blocks of 12

Allow partial unit purchases, eg material at $10 per meter, can be purchased in units of 0.1m 

Product Options, Stock Control, and Option Pricing

Manage stock individually for different product option configurations.

Limit purchases to certain combinations of product options.

Allow price variations for different product options. 

Easy updates

Update all your pricing in bulk using our bulk pricing update wizard. Makes it easy when GST rates change, or other factors effect your whole catalogue.

Use the export to Excel function to manage your pricing in a spreadsheet, then reimport the data into our database using our CSV wizard.

Integrate with Vend or Unleashed for point of sale integration or complex inventory management.

Or use our API for other ways of managing your pricing and inventory.