Content Management For Web Designers - Quick Reference Sheet

Our Content Management System is the perfect content management solution for web designers and graphic designers. Quickly upload new templates as an HTML template, CSS stylesheet and directory of images. Then create your pages one by one with unique URLs. Multiple templates

Quick Overview

  • Full Control over HTML, CSS, Javascript. 
  • Our dynamic content is responsive ready. Choose from a separate mobile template, or impliment your own responsive design
  • Multiple themes per website, Different HTML/CSS templates can be applied to different sections of your website
  • Full Control over Meta Tags and URLs to aid the SEO process
  • Natural URLs 
  • Clean separation of content from design (customer can update content without destroying your design... )
  • hundreds of different content layouts, dozens of different shopping cart and gallery layouts. 
  • further customise the look of our stanadard galleries or shopping carts using CSS
  • Insert special tags like [CONTENT] and [HEADING] and [MENU] into your HTML templates to have these elements auto inserted. 
  • Standard multilevel list item menus and category menus that you can style to your own requirements
  • Multiple animated banner formats
  • Insert integrated custom widgets for advanced product search, specials, login boxes, subscribe boxes and more. 
  • A single customer database integrates password protection, bulk mailer, shopping cart discounts, and CRM.
  • Integration with heaps of cool 3rd party applications like Xero, plus our own integrated POS point of sale system 
  • FTP access to files, images in /images directory
  • Integrated domain management, email, dns, web statistics, logs
  • Multiple free format content editors including TinyMCE and CKEditor


  • No PHP access and no database access. If you require PHP and databases, then you can use our PHP hosting plans, but these cannot mix/match with our CMS features.  

Reseller Options

  • Earn commissions from your customers hosting websites with us. 
  • We can setup web designers as resellers, giving you administrative control over your customer websites. 
  • We can bill customers, or you can bill customer, depending on your reseller plan. 

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