Inventory Management System

Our shopping cart monitors stock movements and inventory levels. 

We record sales, and you can add stock and record shrinkage. 

Consideration is given to orders in progress, so an item can't be sold twice, but until posted, it's still on the shelf. 

Our integrated point of sale system is tightly integrated, meaning stock levels are the same across the website, POS and back end management system, at all times, in real time. 

You can produce historical stock summaries. 

You can optionally manage your inventory in VendHQ, or Unleashed, however, if you do, our reports won't capture the changes to stock levels entered via those systems. 

Back orders can be managed on a per product basis up to a set maximum. 

Each product as a target inventory level, low stock level, and product location, which are used in out of stock reports.

You can quickly create purchase orders from low stock items. 

Stock movements include purchase price, purchase order number etc to help you better monitor what's happening. 

Other Inventory Management Systems

In addition to our inbuild inventory management services, we also integrate with Unleashed Software Inventory Management System and VendHQ POS