Discounts and promotions

You can either configure automated discount formulas, or enable promotional codes. We have so many different ways to craft the perfect discount, to encourage a first time customer to purchase, or a repeat customer to increase the size of their cart.

Example discounts and promotions

  • Spend $100 and get $20 discount
  • Spend $150 and get 15% discount
  • Buy 2 get 1 free
  • Enter promotion code "SALE222" and get 20% off everything in category X
  • Free postage if you spend over $120
  • Discounted price for buying 2+ quantity of a specific item, and further discount if 5+, etc
  • Buy an apple, get an orange half price.
  • Product price reduced to $80 from RRP, until 1/1/2023
  • Product price on sale between 12noon and 1pm on 1/1/2023 until stock sold out. 

Discounts Filters / Rules

  • Customer must be in the right group 
  • Customer must buy a minimum quantity
  • Customer must spend a minimum amount
  • Customer must buy an item from a specific category to get a discount in another category
  • And many more options

Display Options

  • Any promotional code or automated discount will display discounted prices in the catalogue, as soon as the requirements are met. Customer does not need to add it to their cart.
  • Other products can be promoted at checkout.
  • Products can be linked for cross promotion.
  • Countdown to discount expiry
  • Limited quantity coupons. Count of items left at discount price

Other Discounting Methods

In addition to our discounts and promotions engine we have some other relevant features of interest.
  • Voucher system which is dedicated to unique vouchers of a nominal value. 
  • Loyalty Points system that can provide discounts to customers based on previous purchases.
  • Product Pricing engine gives discount pricing to VIP or trade customers that login.