Feature SuggestionsFeature Suggestions

All great ideas start on our wish list....

Feature Requests (Free Changes)

Participate in our discussion forums to list the feature improvements that would make your life easier. Whenever we are working on improvements on our system we take note of the suggestions here, and incorporate them when we can.

In A Hurry? (Paid Changes)

If your feature request is a necessary part of your project, or the need for the change is impedding your business flow, then you might consider paying for us to make the feature change. We can prioritise these feature changes. Please just raise a support ticket asking "how much would it cost to make the change I want?". We will get back to you within 2-3 business days with an answer. We charge a minimum of $100 for doing this investigation, and if you task is very small, we often just make the change there and then with no additional fee charged. 

Contact - Support Team

Typical Paid Requests

  • $100 Writing an advanced "How To" guides
  • $100 Adding a filter or sort to a admin side screen/report, or a link to help you navigate a workflow faster. 
  • $100-$300 Adding a simple report to the server side ($300 for reports with filters)
  • $300 Adding a new rule to discounts or freight fees
  • $400 Creating a new layout based on an existing Shopping or Gallery/blog or Events backend, with no database changes required.
  • $950 Adding a new payment gateway
  • $950 Adding a new API notification following checkout to a mature and well documented API (e.g. courier or accounting or inventory) 

The Fast No

Sorry we will not do the following requests
  • We won't build an auction like trademe/ebay. You are better to use trademe/ebay with all it's active users. You can create private auction sites if your main focus is to run auctions. If your main focus is to be bigger and better than TradeMe, then we are not the appropriate developer contact for you.
  • We won't build a social media site nor do significant work in the forums area. You are better to use the popular existing social networks like Facebook or Google+ or Ning.
  • Sorry we won't do any other major development not related to our core business. We like to work on projects that our other customers will gain benefit out of.. 

The Big Stufff

We are interested in building these items should we get a backer for the development. Costs would be apportioned based on your willingness to share the development with other website builder users.

  • Availability Engine
  • Booking Engine
  • Logisitics Systems