Point of Sale System - POS

Website World's integrated point of sale system makes managing a showroom or taking phone orders a breeze. All you need is an internet connected device like a computer or ipad in your showroom or call center. 

All Devices Supported

We support all tablets and computers. Be it Android, Apple, Microsoft, or anything else out there... If it has an internect connected web browser, you can use our POS.

Inventory Synchronised

Inventory levels are kept in check as all online sales and POS orders are processed in real time via the same internet conected database. There are no 3rd party systems to synchronize, no batch processing issues.

Unlimited Users

You can have unlimited instances of our POS system across devices, and staff activity is tracked. All POS instances have access to the same order history. 

Use Any Printer

Works with any standard printer compatible with your device. Invoices/Receipts are printed the same way as any other web page. Or simply ask the customer for their email, and they can get the invoice via email. 

Any Bar Code Reader

Works with any standard barcode readers compatible with your device. Barcodes are read and entered into the search bar taking you directly to the product page where you can add items to the cart. 

Easy to Use

It's so easy to use, just TOUCH or CLICK the BUY button on items to add them to your cart, when you have completed the order, either use the fast cash sale checkout, or link an existing customer, or enter a new customer details. 

Payment Options

You can accept any payment type you like. Simply record the payment method at the completion of an order. All methods can be reconciled. You might use a 3rd party eftpos machine, or punch the credit card number into an online payment form. Either option requires a merchant account, provided by your bank or a 3rd party payment gateway. Please note Paypal only allows a few credit card transactions per IP address per day, and cannot be used for POS style sales. You can also let your customer pay you via online banking via PoliPay, or watch them complete the transaction.

And it's FREE

Our POS is bundled absolutely FREE with all our standard and ecommerce web hosting plans. Each hosting plan is subject to a transaction limit, so just pick a hosting plan that matches your transaction volume, or just pay a small fee for any transactions over your limit. No matter what, this is going to be the simplist and most affordable configuration for those who want a combination of POS and online sales, with syncronised stock management. 

POS Video Demonstration

Order Fulfillment

Your team can compete online sales and dispatch the goods. Your team can provide over the phone support to customers with orders in progress. Your team can start an order, and email it to the customer to checkout with their payment. So many options with a fully integrated system.

Vouchers Synchronised

Vouchers can be sold in store, and used online, or sold online and used in store, or sold on grabone/treatme, and used anywhere, or any combination like that. Vouchers run off the same database, and the unique numbered vouchers can only be used once. You can sell customers another voucher of a lower denomination if you want to give change. 

Low Stock Counts. 

Products will show low stock counts in the POS even before you get to the checkout, so that you can check you can find the items. In any case, all orders will be double checked at the checkout

Return Goods

You can return goods by cancelling the original order, and if required, then creating a new invoice as a copy of the original invoice, with the returned items deleted. We are working on fine tuning this step to deal with payment reconciliation.