Content Management System - Make Changes Easily

Content Management is easy with the website builder CMS. It's just like using web based email. Rather than "compose email" you "add page". Rather than "send", you can "Save and Publish".

Full Control Over Content

You can edit all sections of your web page content, including tweaking comments within your web design template. Your pages are free format, meaning you can put whatever you like whereever you like, including photos, videos, and other widgets. Just add a table whenever you want more control layout. Right click to add rows and columns.

Plus Advanced Content Widgets

eCommerce, Galleries, FAQs, Blogs, News and Events pages can all be added just as easily as a free format page. These features make it easy to manage large amounts of content, or deal with special data. Drag and drop element ordering within galleries and FAQ pages makes sorting a breeze. You can add free format content into the header or footer of any page.

No Software to Install

Web Widgets helps you make changes to your website easily. You don't need to pay a web designer. You don't install any special software on your computer. And you don't have to go back to school to learn any technical jargon.

We provide you with simple web based wizards for updating your product and pricing information, and we provide "what you see is what you get" content editors to help you make changes to your information pages. It's as easy as writing an email, or managing your contacts list.

The remainder of information on this page is intended for people who already have a website, and who now want to use our content management features to make changes to that website. If you don't yet have a website, or want a new website, then you can also learn how to create a new website here.

Example Editor

View our demo WYSIWYG editor or view our Video Demonstrations

How to transfer your website to our content management system

There are 4 options depending on your needs.

  1. Make a copy of your website - for free! Request a free no obligation transfer of your existing website into our website builder platform.The copy of your website will maintain the same site map, and have all the original SEO meta tags and URL filenames, so that all the good SEO link juice will remain, when you make your new site live.
  2. File based content management is the fastest and cheapest to setup, but it only allows you to edit your site using our file manager. Eg if you want to add a menu button, you will need to add it to every file individually. If you want to change your web design, you will still need to contact your graphics designer and make changes to all pages individually. However, this option is really good if you only need to change some text, eg a few spelling mistakes or contact details. This option works with many website, but not all. Please contact us with your web address, and we will let you know if the website is compatible.

  3. Enhanced Content Management empowers you to use all the features of Web Widgets, including shopping carts and galleries with automatic thumbnailing. Enhanced content management separates the navigation and design aspects of your website from the content itself. This makes it easy for you to change the content, without affecting the design.  When you want to make changes to the website as a whole, you only need to do it in one place. Please apply for a website transfer quote here

  4. DIY Website Transfer - Another option is to use our web creation wizards to build a new website from scratch. You can cut and paste your old content from your old website into the new Web Widgets website. Once you have completed the new website, we can switch your web address from your old website to your new website.  Its that easy! Create a new website here.

Learn more about copying your website to our servers now