Accommodation Bookings

It is easy to take bookings for accommodation .

Customer Experience

  • Customer add's room types (aka products) to their cart. 
  • On the next page, the customer is prompted to select an arrival date and departure date. 
  • The customer will only see availability for their room types and room quantity.
  • The customer can be prompted to pay a deposit, pay in full, or nothing at all, and complete the order. 

Configuring Accommodation Booking

  • Configure the minimum notice you want before taking a booking, eg to avoid same day bookings. 
  • Configure the maximum notice, to avoid customers booking too far into the future. 
  • Add all of your rooms as "resource calendars". Specifiy any special features of the room for later use. 
  • Add each room type as a new product, of type "accommodation"
  • For each room type, you can optionally specifiy tag filters, so that only matching rooms are used. This is important if you want to sell certain rooms at a higher rate for special features, but still have the room availble for a different product type. 

Managing Bookings

  • Following the completion of a successful booking, you can manage the bookings in the back end. 
  • You can move bookings between rooms. 
  • You can change the date of a booking
  • You can view the ecommerce order related to a booking

Calendar Synchronisation

  • All bookings will synchronise with Google or Office365 calendars, using 12noon as the start/end time of each booking. 
  • You can still add terms and conditions specifying a different checkin/checkout time, as that calendar time is not known to customers. 

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