Rental Management System (Hire Items)

It is easy to manage items for hire.

First of all, configure your normal opening hours, and any booking rules such as

  • Minimum or maximum hire time
  • Calendar interval sizing (eg can customers book in 15 or 30 minute increments, or must they book by the hour, or a half day.
  • If customers keep an item overnight, will they be charged for each and every hour through the night, or just charged a token 2 hours for the benefit of after hours use of the item.
  • Similarly, how many hours will be charged if they hire an item through a weekend? 
  • How much spacing should we apply between bookings to allow for late returns. 

Hire Item Management

  • Each product is added to the catalogue, just as you would add any other product for sale. You can mix and match hire items with sale items. 
  • For each product type, you can add multiple hire items. Each item has their own calendar, and can be managed individually.
  • Availability of the hire product is based on availability of any of the items in the set. 

Customer Hiring Process

  • Customers can add either hire items or sale items to their cart.
  • If there are any hire items in the cart, then they are prompted to select a start date and time for collection, and then a return date/time. 
  • Customers can see the availability of a product type, within the scope of office hours, and availability is based on any of the items in the set that is available for the required period of time.
  • Just like with any cart, they can choose a delivery method if you wish to offer one. 

Our ecommerce enabled booking systems make it a breeze to enable customers to book their hire items and be sure of availability.

You can accept the booking without payment, or take a deposit, or require payment in full. 

You can manage the return of hire items via our bookings management system. 

You can accept any final payment for items that have not been fully paid for, or request payment for those that were late returned. 

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