Free SSL Certificates

All our standard web hosting plans and above include a free SSL Certificate.  

Why Do I Need An SSL Certificate?

An SSL certificate is required to host your website on the https protocol. Your website needs to be hosted on the https protocol to avoid "insecure" warning messages to your customers when they complete forms or go to your checkout or payment pages. 

About Google Chrome Security Warning Messages

From January 2017, Google Chrome will be increasing the level of their warning messages to users. Currently they just show a small exclamation mark in a circle. From January 2017, they will be including a more visible security warning message when your users enter data in any form, or login, or checkout. Initially, simple brochure website may avoid the warning message, but if you have any inquiry forms, then users may see the warning on those pages. 

Getting Your Free SSL Certificates

We take care of everything for you. You don't need to be involved in the SSL certificate issuing process at all. We can provide SSL certificates for any live hosting customer who has their domain name pointed at our servers. 

We get our free SSL certificates from an open source provider named "Lets Encrypt". We can only generate the certificate once your domain name is pointed to our web servers. So it can take up to 1 day after you go live before your SSL certificate  

You cannot use our SSL certificates elsewhere. Lets-encrypt SSL certificates only last 90 days, and will be renewed automatically, so long as your website and domain name remains live. 

Premium EV Certificates. 

Premium EV certificates are a step up in the SSL world. These certificates have additional ID verification steps and provide more information to browsers about the owner details of a website. Typically the name of the business is displayed in green before the web address in the browser address bar, and users can trust that the ID of the website has been independently verified. 

Yes we can install EV certificates for your website. If you purchase your own EV certificate, we either charge $100 per setup or renewal event of your SSL cert. However, we can also sell you an EV certificate. Our EV certificates cost NZ$450+gst per year including installation.  

Excluded Plans

All standard plans and above include free SSL certs, and https level hosting. 

The following plans do not include SSL certs: Single page, Placeholder, Simple Brochure and Brochure+ plans do not include SSL, as the expectation is you do not have any forms, logins, or similar features that require SSL services on those plans.