How do I transfer my domain name?

There are many ways to setup a domain name in Web Widgets CMS.

  • Transfer your domain name and we will bill you for renewals, manage your nameservers, email and all settings related to your domain name.
  • Setup email and webhosting and nameservers only - we will do everything for you except bill you for renewals.
  • Setup website hosting only - we will only host your website and nothing else.


How to transfer an existing (pre registered) domain name to your Web Widgets website

  1. Login to web widgets and select your preferred webspace / trial site.
  2. Click  Register Address in the left menu.
  3. Click "Transfer an existing domain name".
  4. If you want us to bill you for future renewals and manage all parts of your domain, then we need your UDAI or authorisation code. Alternatively, provide us the name of the registry and username/password.
  5. Complete the form and click Submit.
  6. If you provide us with usernames and passwords/UDAI, the process will take 1-2 working days to complete. Otherwise we will send you an email with details.


Obtaining your Authorisation Codes

If you wish to transfer your domain name to us such that we bill you for renewals, then you will need to get your authorisation code.

For .nz domains, please ask your domain registrar, ISP or web designer for your UDAI (a secret key).

For international domain names,  please login to your domain registrar to obtain an "authorisation code" and first "unlock" the domain to allow transfers.


Or contact us to do it for you.

If this confuses you, please send us the name of your domain registrar, and your login usermame and password for that domain registrar. If you don't know these, your ISP or previous web hoster might be able to locate this for you. If not, contact us and we will help you.

Email the information to

We will transfer your domain name and notify you once the transfer has been made.

It's very important that you tell us if you already have email services using that domain name or a website hosted on that domain.



Domain Name Setup Options (in order of our preference)

There are several ways to setup a domain in web widgets, but which way is best?

  1. Register a new domain name with us.
  2. Transfer your .nz domain name to us for free, and let us manage all your email and web settings. We will only bill you for annual renewals when it is next due for renewal. Please provide us with your UDAI and a forwarding email address.
  3. Transfer your .nz domain name to us for free, but keep your email managed elsewhere. We will only bill you for annual renewal when it is next due for renewal. Please provide us with both your UDAI and MX record, so that we can do this. You will need to provide us with your MX record by email, as we need to make this change manually.
  4. Leave your domain name with your existing registrar or choose any domain name registrar, and change your nameservers to and In web widgets, select the domain setup/transfer option and provide us with your forwarding email address only. You will need to pay your domain registrar for future renewals.
  5. Leave your domain name with your existing registrar, and your email configuration with your existing ISP. In web widgets, select the domain setup/transfer option and tick "nameservers hosted elsewhere" and "email managed elsewhere". We will provide you with the following A record so that you can make your web hosting live.


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