Shopping Carts and Catalogue Managers

Maintain a database of your products and prices, including shipping factors. All products can have a photo, title, description, code, link, dual price, dual currency, purchase options and classifications. You can provide your product information in bulk in Excel or Access format.

Searchable pages for your customers have thumb nailed indexes and links to automatic enlargements and detailed product information. Catalogue pages can have multiple formats, concentrating on product images or text, with or without classifications.

Shopping carts enable your customers to order more than one item on a single order. The order process is simple, allowing the customer to continue to the checkout, or continue shopping at all times. An automatic tax and shipping calculator will ensure the real total price is determined prior to submitting the order.

Collect credit card details securely through our secure forms, or take payment online with your choice of payment gateway, eg World Pay, PayPal and many more. We can help you obtain a merchant account if you don't have one.

Refer to the link for more info.

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