Spotty Lizard Website Review & Search Optimisation Deal

For $120 +GST, have your website reviewed and optimised for SEO by Spotty Lizard Websites. This includes:

  • 10 pages or products from your site optimised for SEO (you pick which 10 pages). This includes a page heading, meta title and meta description for each page/product. I will also check your use of heading tags, adding or correcting the H-tag if required, for each of these 10 pages/products.  
  • A website review of the 10 keyword phrases your website is currently using, or you would like to use for these same 10 pages or products. I will identify your current Google position for each of these keywords, recording them in a spreadsheet for you to track your Google positions with.
  • A short explanation of how you can improve the written copy on each of those 10 pages.

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