Give us Remote Control of your desktop

For difficult issues or email configuration, it is much faster if you can give us remote control of your computer. Although this process might take 5 minutes in total, it will make the overall conversation faster.

This is very easy to achieve.

  1. Please click the link below, to download the 10MB windows install file, and then run the file.

    Download and Install "LogMeIn.msi" (10MB)
  2. Do you want to run this file? RUN
  3. Prepaing to install.... LogMeIn Installer..... NEXT
  4. Terms and Conditions, I AGREE
  5. Software Options.... Typical... NEXT
  6. Computer Description..... [Enter a name for your computer] NEXT
  7. ... Create account ...
  8. Choose Destination Folder NEXT
  9. The installation takes about 2 minutes