Wedding Lists and Wish Lists

We now have a Wedding List feature. 

The Bride/Groom Perspective.

  1. The happy couple shops for items they really want as wedding gifts, and add desired items to their basket. 
  2. They select the "save wedding list" button 
  3. They enter default shipping details, name of event and date of event.
  4. They press save and they will get a URL on screen and by email, that they can share with friends and family. 
  5. The couple may add/remove items from their list at any time.

The Friends and Family Perspective.

  1. Friends and Family follow the special link provided by the bride and groom. 
  2. They will see a list of items wanted, and available.
  3. They may purchase items from the wanted list, or any other items they wish to add
  4. Once they have completed the ordering process of an item, the quantity will be deducted from the wanted list. This allows multiple quantity items to be purchsed by different individuals.
  5. Should anyone attempt to purchase more than the quantity wanted, it will give an error message and reduce the quantity in their basket. This may happen to some users at the last step of checkout, if someone else has concurrently purchased the same item.
  6. The shipping details for the order will default to those specified by the bride and groom. The purchaser must pay any shipping fees for their items. The purchaser can override the shipping destination with their own preference. 

The Shop Owners Perspective.

  1. Enable the wedding list feature by entering an appropriate prompt like "Save Wedding List" to the shopping setup area under shopping cart options. 
  2. "Wedding Lists in progress" are available in the reporting area, with some management options. 
  3. If items are not paid for, manual intervention is required to increase the wanted quantity... And you may need to delete the uncompleted order so that the purchase does not display on the wishlist page.
  4. You will need to coordinate the fufulment of your orders yourself, as no consideration has been given to those steps in 
  5. You may consider offering special prices for freight for wedding list purchases if you want, via the normal freight management area. 

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