Fraudulent domain invoices.

Do not pay for domain name invoices sent from anyone other than ourselves or your ISP or the place you originally purchased your domain name.

Especially be aware of anyone invoicing you for a variation of your domain, eg .net rather than .com or rather than This is a common fraud.

Through us, your domain names cost either US$12 per year or NZ$33 per year.

It is important that you tell your old hosting provider 7 days after we begin hosting your website, that you no longer need their services. Otherwise they may continue to bill you for hosting or domain name renewal.

Domain name renewal fees are the fee you pay to own your web address, eg . You pay this fee for each and every variation of your web address / domain name, and it is usually an annual fee. Hosting is different. Hosting is the fee you pay us to ensure your website is served on your web address.

If in doubt, email us.

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