Getting started with a website design project

Prior to obtaining a quote from web designers, you will save yourself alot of time if you are able to clearly indicate the following information to them.

What level of service will your customers expect from your website?
- Deliver timely information about products or services
- Collect customer details or feedback
- Collect customer orders automatically
- Process credit card payments online
- Provide other automated serices (eg some kind of online database or secure service)

Please indicate which style below best reflects your design requirements (affects cost)
- Our branding is extremely important and all necessary time should be allocated to ensure our design matches our existing brand and instills the best perception in our customers.
- Our branding is important and additional time should be allocated for ensuring our design clearly matches our existing brand.
- We do not yet have any or little branding examples, and we require a website designed with a new brand style in mind.
- We are primarily providing a business to business solution and require a clean simple professional look.
- Our budget is the most important factor
- We just want to secure a simple web presence for now.

Web Addresses
- Do you already have a web address (domain name) already, and if so, what are the password details for that domain name (ask your existing registrar)
- What domain name do you want? What is your full company name? What is your main product or service, by brand and standard industry terminology
- Do you want just 1 domain or do you want to maximise your marketing potential through alternative names?

What do you most expect do you get out of your website? (please choose only 1)
- More effective communication/services with existing customers is most important
- Improvement on existing branding is the most important factor
- Discovering new customers found by online marketing is most important

Please answer all the following questions
- Name and contact details of you and your company
- Industry classification
- Size of your company by number of staff, branches or customers (approx).
- Can you supply existing branding in digital or printed formats

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