Web Marketing & Statistics

How do I know people are visiting my site?

Web Widgets provides advanced viewing statistics as part of our Content Management System. You can find out how many people are viewing your site by clicking on the Statistics link under the Settings button in your Web Widgets content management area.

Can you help with marketing my website?

Web Widgets automatically submits your site to the most common search engines. It is then up to you to market your website online and offline.

We can also refer you to web marketing specialists. 

What do my web statistics mean?

In summary, website statistics can provide you with the following useful information:

Discover who else is linking to your website, and how effective they have been. You might want to send your best referrers a gift... You will see that Google, Yahoo and MSN (xtra) are by far the most important search engines to list with, and check your rankings with.

Discover what your most effective search keywords are, and fine tune your website to use those keywords more. This is the best way to get new customers via search engines who really want to see your website.

Discover how popular your website is by country/hour/day/month. See the changes over time by graph. See the difference between the number of different people who visited your site (unique visitors), versus the number of times those people visited (visits), versus the number of individual pages they looked at while there were there ( pages ). In comparison, "hits" includes absolutely every single photo, thumbnail and image on your website.

Learn how much traffic (bandwidth) you are using, in total and by country. Do not be too concerned about traffic, as traffic fees only affect less than 5% of our websites. 

Check errors. See if anyone is linking to an old page on your website. It is a good idea to hide old pages, rather than delete them

Learn how long people are staying on your website. If less than 25% are staying under 30 seconds, then your home page is not effective enough. You are not saying the right things, or your keywords have been misleading. The longer you retain your customer, the more likely the customer will stay.

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