How much does it cost?

There are no setup fees if you use our wizards to transfer your existing website, or build a new website from scratch.

Domain names cost $19 + gst per year
Hosting plans start at $15+gst per month. Click the link for further pricing information.

What is chargeable time?

We use the following checklist to determine if a job is chargeable.

Don't worry, we won't bill you for anything without informing you first.

It's important that we have this checklist, because customer expectations of support often vary. Web Widgets is a powerful tool, that can be used to build powerful websites, however we are not in the business of training new web designers. Our web wizards make building a simple website quick and easy, but some advanced features may require skills of a proficient web designer. We provide those features for our advanced users, but training to use these features effectively is outside of the free support scope.

The following items are chargeable:

  • Web hosting
  • Domain name purchases and renewals
  • Graphics Design
  • Image manipulation
  • Banner creation
  • Loading photos or data from CD or spreadsheet
  • Layout of information
  • Form creation or linking
  • Training and support over the phone for more than 10 minutes per month.
  • Onsite or in the office training
  • HTML support and training. If your question indicates a lack of knowledge of HTML rather than how HTML relates to our system,
  • Or anything where you ask us by email to do something that you can do yourself... A minimum fee of $20 applies for all minor requests. We will "point" you in the right direction in an email, and offer you the choice of a $20 fee if you would like us to do it.

The following items are not chargeable, so long as they are in small quantities.

  • Answering easy questions by email or phone
  • Choosing and adding the most approriate page types for your content.
  • Onetime 10 minute review and touch up of customer websites, colours, fonts, links etc... (10 minutes total at time of making website live, after payment of hosting fee.)
  • Domain name configuration changes, MX, DNS, email
  • Setting up shopping carts and email correspondence telling you where to obtain a merchant ID from.
  • Setting up page security
  • Quotes
  • Accounts enquiries
  • Changing of account information
  • Requests for an old invoice or statement
  • UDAIs
  • Domain Transfers
  • Phone support for a maximum of 10 minutes per month

In all cases we will send you an email always confirming any fee before we do the work. If the work is requested by phone, we will agree by phone to the fee and send an email confirming the fee afterwards.

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