File Sharing / PDF / Word / Excel Resources

Do you need to share Excel, Word, and PDF files with your staff, customers or members?

We make it easy for you to upload all your files in one place, and provide descriptions of each. The files are automatically linked into your site using the "Files - Resources" widget, and the links show clearly the filename and filesize, so that your visitors will know how long it will take to download the file.

You can also attach files to any gallery, news or events page, or any page on the site where the Link Wizard will make it easy for you to upload your files.

If you give your file a description it is also searchable by the search widget.

If you put passwords on your pages, only authorised people will be able to find the files.

You can even sell secure files using our "secure document delivery" system.

Or if you want individual members to view different files from each other, you can use the new "my files" widget, where every member gets their own file repository.

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