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  • Everybody wants to be found by search engines, but many of us are not clear on how it all actually works. How does Google choose which websites to show first? Why is my competitor’s website coming before mine even though we sell the same products? It all has to do with how your website is ranked. Let’s delve deeper into what website rank actually means.
    Posted: Saturday 15 October 2016
  • Graphics play a huge role in social media with up to 60% of all social media posts made up of pictures (Kim Garst). With that staggering figure, if you are posting more text than graphics, your messages are likely to get lost amongst all of the other posts demanding your audience’s attention.
    Posted: Thursday 15 September 2016
  • YouTube was the brainchild of three former PayPal employees during 2005 and then it was sold to Google in 2006. It remains a part of Google’s empire and with over 4 billion videos watched every day, it is a great way to get your business out there and noticed by your target audience. It is one of the top three most powerful search engines along with Google and Facebook and is often overlooked by businesses when choosing where to run their marketing campaigns.
    Posted: Monday 15 August 2016
  • If you have been hacked, you need to think about how to clean up afterwards
    Posted: Monday 8 August 2016
  • Everybody seems to be talking about webinars online, but do you actually know what they are and how they can help grow your business? Let’s explore what a webinar is, the three main types of webinars and the benefits that hosting a webinar can offer your business.
    Posted: Sunday 17 July 2016
  • A picture tells a thousand words and this is especially true when it comes to photos on your website. Even though the internet is bursting full of beautiful photographs and as tempting as it may be, you just can’t copy and use all the photos you love on your own website or blog. Copyright laws mean that both text and photos online are the property of the person who created them and even crediting the owner when you use the photo, may not be enough to prevent you getting into hot water.
    Posted: Wednesday 8 June 2016
  • Podcasting is a term coined by Ben Hammersley in a 2004 article he wrote for The Guardian newspaper when trying to create a term to identify the online audio recordings being made for MP3 players and iPods. Ben blended ‘Pod’ from the iPod and ‘Cast’ from the end of the word Broadcast to form podcast, which has made Apple jump for joy at all the free marketing of their iPod.
    Posted: Sunday 8 May 2016
  • Website.world are offering free websites for all playcentres in New Zealand, plus a further grant for resources.
    Posted: Monday 11 April 2016
  • Everybody loves a Facebook giveaway, except Facebook when you get it wrong. No longer is hosting a giveaway as simple as having a prize and giving it away to a winner because there are specific rules you need to follow to prevent your giveaway being shut down.
    Posted: Friday 8 April 2016
  • We take great effort to keep your website and data private and confidential. Our servers, applications and databases are all very secure. We encrypt passwords stored in our databases. However, there are some considerations you should take into account.
    Posted: Tuesday 5 April 2016
  • If you use a free email address like gmail or yahoo or similar for your business, then you could be missing lots of notifications, and your customers might be missing order confirmations.
    Posted: Tuesday 5 April 2016
  • So someone has posted something negative on your business Facebook page? Rather than panicking, deleting the comment or hiding in a cupboard, take the time to turn what could be a PR disaster into building some positive publicity instead. A complaint dealt with professionally, respectively and which provides a solution to the problem can do wonders for your business.
    Posted: Tuesday 8 March 2016
  • We often get asked why we charge a setup fee for configuring DNS services for a third party web hosting service. And this is why. It's like taking your own food into a cafe, buying a coffee,
    then asking the cafe to heat up your food.
    Posted: Thursday 3 March 2016
  • Facebook engagement has always been around, but has become more important recently because it is one way to increase the number of people who see your posts, without you paying to promote them. Facebook is now deliberately showing less of your business posts to your fans and using the engagement rate on each of your posts to choose which posts they push through and which they don’t.
    Posted: Monday 8 February 2016
  • Network NZ
    A fantastic online networking opportunity for nz businesses. This website is powered by our website builder and membership will gain you access to the biggest business networking group in nz run through a "invites only facebook group". Free of spam, moderated by professionals, get all sorts of q&a help from other entrepenuers...
    Posted: Tuesday 18 August 2015
  • When you have a lot of traffic, there can be some big risks in SEO strategies. We recently redirected all our SEO might at a single domain name, www.websitebuilder.world, away from www.websitebuilder.nz, with a hope that any traffic we may lose from NZ, we would gain on international ranking, with all else being equal. What happened?
    Posted: Sunday 26 July 2015
  • Testing new international web server nodes
    We are currently implementing tests of new web server nodes in several locations around the world. Previously we supported Auckland, Sydney, Ireland and California. We are now extending this to Tokyo, Singapore, Frankfurt, and San Paulo.
    Posted: Wednesday 27 May 2015
  • Some users may see a phishing warning when entering the CMS. Please ignore that message, or use a different web browser for the next few days. The issue was dealt with quickly but we need to wait for google staff to disable the warning mesage. Do you need to be alarmed? No, it's ok to proceed through that warning. Learn more
    Posted: Saturday 23 May 2015
  • Sometimes the technical jargon confuses, so i'll use some simpler terms today.
    Posted: Friday 24 April 2015
  • Today we have launched our new global content delivery network (CDN). Our CDN delivers your websites to your end users from the closed node. We serve your website content from 4 separate locations around the world to ensure the fastest download times.
    Posted: Wednesday 22 April 2015

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