Online Learning Providers

All the tools you need to provide online learning resources, and manage paid online  learning courses. 

Secure Members Only Areas

Authorised members can gain access to resources relevant to their "groups" or "membership level".

Each member can belong to multiple groups, so that content can be segmented by course or student capability.  

Each member also gets their own personal files respository, where you can share files with them, and they can share files with you. 

Drip Fed Course Content

Using our automated email campaing manager, you can create an online course as a series of personaised emails, with attachments as required.   

You can add new members to a campaign at any time, and the recipients will get the emails in the order you specify, and with the frequency you specify. 

You can monitor each members email read status and add them to other courses.

You can create a followup course of emails, and automatically enroll members in the continuation courses if you like. 

Our system can automatically enroll users onto a specific email campaign, if they buy a specific "course" product that you are selling. 

You can also future date your blog posts, so that members will see the same content at the same time. 

Selling Courses, Electronic Documents and Membership

You can add fully automated ecommerce capabilities in the following ways:

  • Sell electronic documents as individual files
  • Sell membership for a specified period of time, access level
  • Sell access to an online training course delivered as an email campaign. 

Our focus on automation ensures your students can signup and start their course in the middle of the night.

You can add discounts logic to help encourage people to participate in more courses. You have access to all our advanced ecommerce capabilities. 

Student Feedback and Collaboration

Collect custom data at member registration time. 

Add custom forms for students to submit their work.

Students can upload their own files to a personal files area

Students can participate in a multi user blog area, and all contribute content that other limited students can also see. 

Our online forums can be used for students to collaborate. 

Run surveys, or online exams, as custom forms. 

Events and Webinars

You can use our events widget to promote events occuring on specific dates and times. This might include real world meetups or online webdinars. You can automate the reminder notices for webinar login credentials, or meeting place and time. These details only being sent to the validated attendee list, that you can manage in the back end where required. 

Setting Up Your Online Training Service with Website World 

Add drip fed course material as automated email campaigns

Send targeted newsletters to specific groups, using our standard bulk emailer, including delivery timing options. 

Use our Blogs or Files List feature, with security enabled, to deliver course materials in a secure members area. Create multiple blogs, or multiple file lists, assigned to each group. 

You can setup blogs with future delivery dates, if you want a group of students to get the content at the same time. 

Setup paid membership as a standard shopping cart, and add products for your membership plans, then specify their automated settings in the product "automation" tab. eg to automatically send password, and assign appropriate membership level and group once they have paid.  Or use our standard member registration forms if you are not collecting payment at signup. 

Custom forms are so versatile for surveys or exams. Forms can have multiple choice answers, free text fields, and you can customise the form to include videos or pictures, or links to reference materials. 

Any and all content can be setup as secured content. It could be photo galleries, shopping pages, blogs, files, videos, etc. 

Videos and other third party widgets can easily be embedded into any page or blog. Videos are best hosted on private URLs on a service like Vimeo or Youtube, then embedded in your website where you need them. Taking this approach ensures your videos are delivered appropriate to highest definition broadband speeds of your students, with limited cost to yourself. 

How much does it cost? 

All of these features are built into our standard hosting plans. There is nothing else to pay.

As the number of your students increases, or your online sales increase, you may need to go up a hosting plan. 

Should you require any consultancy to help setup your online training service with website world, we would be happy to help. We have web designers and resellers, who can help you customise and tweak your online educational service. They simply charge for their time. 

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