Our Blog: August 2018

  • 8 Easy SEO Tips to Get You Started Today!
    Forget about what you've heard about SEO being only for the experts! We share 8 easy and quick SEO tips you can action on your site today!
    Posted: Friday 24 August 2018
  • What is Website Hosting?
    Struggling to understand what website hosting is and how it is different from a domain name? We break things down into easy to understand examples for you.
    Posted: Thursday 23 August 2018
  • A Beginner's Guide to Understanding What is SEO
    SEO or search engine optimisation helps your website be found and ranked well in search engine results. We've written this beginner's guide to understanding what is SEO to help you do both correctly.
    Posted: Saturday 18 August 2018
  • What is a Domain Name & How Do I Choose One?
    Without a domain name, you cannot have a website. But what exactly is it and how do you choose a good one? We share our beginner's guide to domain names with you today.
    Posted: Thursday 16 August 2018
  • Your Guide on How to Write Product Descriptions
    If writing product descriptions is something you struggle with, then read up! We share with you the characteristics of a great description, tips on writing descriptions and actually show you how to write product descriptions which get results!
    Posted: Friday 10 August 2018
  • 5 Ways a Website Can Grow Your Business
    If you're sitting on the fence about whether you need a website or not, take a read of five ways that having a website can grow your business and make life your life easier.
    Posted: Thursday 9 August 2018
  • Are you having trouble delivering emails to xtra customers? You are not alone. And this is not a system error. The issue is with XTRA mail filter SMX. They are trying to reduce spam to xtra customers, but in the process, they are blocking large amounts of legitimate email too.
    Posted: Wednesday 1 August 2018

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